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Viale Regina Elena, 88/a - 47921 RIMINI - Tel. +39.0541.380724 - Fax +39.0541.389338 - Email:
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Hotel Diamond*** Rimini

Viale Regina Elena, 88/a
47921 RIMINI
Tel. +39.0541.380724
Fax +39.0541.389338


It all started in 1948 with a small "board and lodging" of 15 rooms, followed by another structure, both constructed by the Biotti family, master-builders for years. The Hotel Derby of Rimini, erected in 1960 by Massimo Biotti, the father of the actual proprietor, is the natural continuation of a passionate activity. In these times the hotel investments were benefited of the economical  BOOM, but above all, the initiaves and sacrifices from the new entrepreneurs in the local Romagna tourism. Becoming "big" little by little, was the reason of great pride for the Biotti family and pervades its long management.

Our origins were therefore modest and the work of the family was "precious gold" due to the limited number of workers. The happy period of the sixties brought many Italian and foreign holidaymakers; the tourism turned out very successful, both for the hotel-owners and for their long serving staff. The structure of the Hotel Derby has undergone various reconstuctions and amplifications from 1972 to 2002. The last one with a complete renewal of the ambient, modificating the offer of services into the category to a four-stars hotel.

Actually, the Hotel Derby is managed by signora Anna Maria Biotti, her husband Pippo Berardi assisted by their sons Massimo and Michele, as well as a numerous and service minded staff. Hotel Derby and Hotel Diamond together form "Berardi & Biotti Hotels" , and we are proud to be the third generation of 100% Romagna hotel-keepers!!!

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First two weeks of June in Rimini

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Hotel Derby and Hotel Diamond together form "Berardi & Biotti Hotels"...
Berardi & Biotti Hotels