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When farmers’ traditions meet the sea, the flavours of the Riviera Romagnola are born

Take advantage of your next seaside holiday in Rimini to learn about another aspect of local culture. Thanks to the full board meal plan you will have the possibility to try typical Emilia-Romagna dishes and more every day.

“The Terrace” by the sea
“The Terrace” faces the seafront and represents a treasure chest full of flavour, serving dishes combining local ingredients and showing the depth of flavour of the land and the sea.

Everyone come eat!
A huge selection awaits you at every meal, seeing as the menu includes 4 first and 4 second course options, in addition to a buffet full of appetizers, different types of bread, vegetables and sides.

Upon request we can also prepare special dietary variations of the menu. Moms will be happy to have a fully equipped kitchenette at their disposal, in which they can prepare baby food on their own.

The best way to start your day? A tasty breakfast!
The smell of daily fresh baked brioche will steer you towards our breakfast room. At the breakfast buffet you will be spoiled for choice: sweet or savoury, cappuccino or coffee, organic cereal or Nutella, your only problem will be trying to choose!
Try our homemade cakes, and all of the other fresh baked goods.

Emilia-Romagna, land of flavour and fun

It’s not enough to eat well, with a full board Holiday in Rimini; you also need to have fun, right? Well you will be happy to know that once a week we organize a typical Romagnola dinner: a convivial moment in which you can get to know one another, spend time together, trying salami and typical products of the Emilia-Romagna (you can’t miss the piadina) listening to live music and dancing!