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Discover the medieval Romagna villages, castles and legends

URBINO: a very beautiful town of Italian Renaissance, birthplace of Raffaello. The Duke's Palace, boasting in its lovely architecture from this period, hosts pictures of Raffaello, Piero della Francesca, Verrocchio, Giambellino, Melozzo etc, etc.
Urbino is one of the oldest University cities of Italy.

SAN MARINO: founded in 301 by Marinus of Rab, it is the oldest constitutional Republic and has the smallest population of the world (23,5 sq.mi.= 61 km2 and 29.600 inhabitants). From the Monte Titanus 749 metres above sea level, you may enjoy.
a magnificient panoramic view over the Appenines, the green Romagna slopes and the distant Adriatic Sea (20 km).

SAN LEO: èthe most famous fortress in the Dukedom with origins from the Malatesta and Montefeltro families. This castel enjoys a great fame as a military bulwark, unconquerable for its extraordinary geographical position. Due to continous landslides and the ambitions to keep it always efficient, the building necessitated remarkable restoration works during the course of centuries. The medieval old town conserves Roman buildings in  the Pieve, the Cathedral and the Bell tower.

GRADARA:situated at 142 metres (466 ft) above sea level, the castel represents an extraordinary urban and architectural combination. Its first period of glory was during the Malatesta seignory in the 13th century and their numerous wars against the Montefeltro family. Legend first of all, and then Dante Alighieri followed by poets, writers, musicians, tell about the famous and tragic love story of Paolo and Francesca, caught in each other's arms and killed by her husband in this location. Other influential families have left their signs in the building, for instance the Sforza and Della Rovere. The ancient town can be visited on guided tours, or if prefered, only strolling along the castel's double line of medieval walls.

VERUCCHIO: this capital city of the Malatesta has its origin on a supposed Villanovan settlement (12th-9th century B.C.) followed by the Etruscans 700 B.C. Some sights from different important periods: Archeological Museum with unique pieces, the Rocca Malatesta or Castel of the Rock in picturesque ambient, the Fossato Walls, the Franciscan Convent, Church of S. Martin. The modern part of town, Villa Verucchio hosts the well-known restaurant Casa Zanni and the Rimini Golf Club, located near town.

SANTARCANGELO DI ROMAGNA: a typical small Romagna city, with historical monuments as tufaceous caves where, according to legend,  the first Cristians hid from the Romans, the Malatesta Castel, the Collegiata Church, the Bell tower. The old town with its narrow streets "contrade", the Ganganelli Place with the Triumfal Arch dedicated to the placebirthed Pope Clemente XIV, the Portici Torlonia, the Biblioteca and the Municipio give a romantic and artistic ambient. Also worth visiting, the old bottega where original Romagna stamps still are crafted on cloth as in 1600, and the recently opened Ethnographic Museum. A yearly event takes place in mid-July: the International Festival of Arts - theatre, dance, performance, music, visual arts, literature...
Rimini is an ideal departure point for many famous destinations in Italy, so why don't you discover several experiences in one holiday?

ROMA: the Eternal City, capital of Italy,  the Vatican City residence of the Popes and heart of the catholic world. Founded in 753 A.D. it extented its dominion in Italy and later over the world spreading its civilization.

FIRENZE: è considered the main city of arts of all times where the most famous artists have left signs; Dante and Macchiavelli, Leonardo and Michelangelo, Masaccio and Donatello. Sights as Piazza della Signoria, the Duomo and the Battistero, Palazzo Vechio, Giotto's Campanile and the Ponte Vecchio are only a few of may monuments which make Florence unforgettable.

VENEZIA: in Venice, light and water become magic. The Basilica of S. Marco, the Campanile, the Piazza S. Marco, the Palazzo Ducale, the Bridge of Sighs, the Carnevale: it probably doesn't exist any other treasure. The Canal Grande passing through the town, is the most beautifully structured and well designed street in the whole world.