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Welcoming by nature, hoteliers for passion

The Hotel Derby - built in 1960 by Massimo Biotti, father of Anna Maria, the current owner represents the continuation of a passion-driven business started in 1948 by the Biotti family.

The Biotti family, foremen for many years, began initially with a small hotel of only 15 rooms and then continued with another structure, motivated by the economic boom of those years, without ever skimping on initiative and big sacrifices.

Family pride

So, for the Biotti family, being of modest origins, becoming little by little "big" entrepreneurs was something to be proud of and this feeling, after all these years, still characterizes the management of the Hotel Derby.

It’s about a success that everyone contributed to, given that in those years, with a limited number of employees, the contribution from relatives was crucial. The happy period of the 60’s brought many Italian and foreign guests. Business was booming, both for family members and for employees and everyone worked like a big, close-knit family.

Changes over the years
The structure of the Hotel Derby went under various phases of reorganization and expansion. The first occurring in 1972 and then continuing in alternating phases through the years until the most recent updates in 1992, 2000 and finally in 2002, with a complete renovation of the rooms and a renewed attention to the amenities, resulting in the achievement of being categorised a 4 star Hotel.

Now the Hotel Derby is managed directly by Mrs. Anna Maria Biotti and by her husband Pippo, handily assisted by their sons Massimo and Michele and by numerous close-knit staff, who are always at the service of the guests.

The Hotel Derby and the nearby Hotel Diamond make up the "Berardi & Biotti Hotels" and we are proud to be the third generation of "100% Romagnoli" hoteliers!