Have you ever heard of the ghost of Azzurrina? The legend tells of Guendalina, daughter of the feudal lord of Montebello, who disappeared on 21 June 1375 while playing with a ball of rags. According to the story, the  ball fell along the staircase that leads to the cellar and the child went to retrieve it, but it  was never found. The legend says that her ghost is still in the castle and that she makes  her voice heard every 5 years, during the summer solstice. 


The village rises on an imposing rock and on the highest point stands the suggestive  Fortress, residence of the Lombards, the Montefeltro, the Malatesta families up to belong  to the Papal States. 
In its history, San Leo hosted important figures such as Dante and Saint Francis of  Assisi. And when it was donated to the Papal States in 1631, the castle became a harsh  prison where the Count of Cagliostro and Felice Orsini were also imprisoned. The old town is one of the most fascinating of the Romagna hinterland and the  breathtaking view reaches the Adriatic Sea. .


It’s the oldest surviving republic in the world, 9 castles rich in art and history, narrow alleys  and a lot of tradition. 
In 2008 its historic centre and Mount Titano became a UNESCO World Heritage Site as  evidence of the continuity of an ancient free republic. From up here you can see a breathtaking view over the coast of Romagna, visit historical places such as Liberty Squre and the Public Palace, the Basilica of the Holy and the State  Museum, enter the spectacular paths such as the path of the "Witches" that connects the three main towers (Rocca or Guaita, Cesta or Fratta and Montale) built to defend against  the attacks of the Malatesta of Rimini. 


The charming village of Verucchio rises on two hills, on which stand two imposing fortresses: Passerello, nowaday a female convent and Sasso, today Rocca Malatestiana. Verucchio has become famous for being the birthplace of the Malatesta, lords of the  Middle Ages who defined the urban structure preserved until today.


  • Fiabilandia: You’ll feel like entering an enchanted castle: magicians studying new spells,  gnomes and goblins living in small caves. There is also Aladdin, the animal farm and the  dream lake. Everything is designed for fun for children, teenagers and adults.
  • Italia in Miniatura: The beauties of our country all in one amusement park. From the Alps,  to Milan, Venice to Rome and Sicily: a walk through 273 miniature buildings, monuments  and the most important historical sites. Really amazing!
  • Aquafan: the most famous water park in Riviera. The beating heart is the large wave pool  and the 3 km lenght slide to descend by inflatables with your friends. There are also  swimming pools and slides dedicated to kids and more games. 
  • Oltremare: come and meet Ulysses the dolphin and all the other protagonists of the park!  Here you will discover the dolphin lagoon, where you can meet mammals, the world of  Birds of Prey, the animal farm and the Wallabies, the cute Australian kangaroos
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